Example Headless website implementation using Cockpit CMS on the backend and ReactJS in the frontend.
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Example Cockpit CMS/React Headless website

An example project that provides a simple headless experience by combining Cockpit CMS and ReactJS.

Example site can be accessed on http://pauloamgomes.github.io/cockpit-react-example


First confirm that you have docker and docker-sync installed on your system.

  1. Clone this repo or download it as a zip file and extract it.
  2. Run the Cockpit Example install script inside cockpit folder:
    $ cd cockpit-react-example/cockpit
    $ ./install.sh
    it shall initialize the Cockpit CMS with example data
  3. Install React dependencies
    $ cd cockpit-react-example/react
    $ yarn install


The example consists on a Cockpit CMS installation with example data and a ReactJS application that will consume Cockpit CMS data. In way to use it just run the following commands.

  1. Start the Cockpit CMS docker instance

    $ cd cockpit-react-example/cockpit
    $ ./start.sh
  2. Start the React App

    $ cd cockpit-react-example/react
    $ yarn start
  3. Open Cockpit CMS admin interface at http://cockpit-example.docker.localhost/

     Username: admin
     Password: admin
  4. Open the example React App at http://localhost:3000/

The url http://cockpit-example.docker.localhost/ should be accessible form your browser as the docker-compose uses Traefik, however if not, add it to your /etc/hosts file:

$ sudo echo " cockpit-example.docker.localhost" >> /etc/hosts

Copyright and license

Copyright 2018 pauloamgomes under the MIT license.