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- Adds exception treatment to expose to the user when mdvpkgd
is not responding;
- Just adds icons to MPM as a Desktop application. Thanks to
UI Design team from Rosa Labs. :)
- Changes were made to allow mpm to deal properly with the
new PolicyKit Authentication/Authorization process of mdvpkg;
- Now we have Install/Remove/Upgrade features; :) (*)
- To deal with it some restructure were made and dialog boxes
were added;
- Search has regex capabilities now;
- Tableview interaction has been improved;
- Statusbar is now fixed on the bottom and the splitter has
its own shape. An overall progress bar is displayed on the
statusbar. If you hover on it progress detail banner becomes
- Till mdvpkg become prepared to deal with external urpmi db
changes, mpm send a message to mdvpkg for it to kill itself
when mpm is closed;
(*) NOTES:
1) Due to some limitations on current version of mdvpkg,
only *one* action can be executed at a time. It should be
changed on future versions.
2) No automatic conflict resolution is available on current
mdvpkg version, neither resolution helper. So, the user
needs to deal with any kind of conflict resolution by
himself; *Be careful*
3) Automatic Media update is not available either, so it's
up to the user to make such updater;
(as root, use 'urpmi.update -a' to update all medias)
- Modifies the way filters are handled in the backend to only
call PackageList's Filter method for modified parameters;
- Brings more methods about package management;
- Does some minors bugfixes;
- Changes in Package details panel to:
. show Distro Epoch and Tag (Thanks Per Oyvind!);
. display formatted Install Time;
. fix scrollbar;
- Major refactoring on backend to work with the new PackageList API
from mdvpkg (version 0.7.0);
- Changes Upgrade and Transition status to Upgradable and 'In Progress';
- Minor bugfixes like increasing the height managable by the Vertical
scrollbar at Package details panel.
- Adds Settings panel enabling the user to restore default
left-panel structure. No need to manually remove LeftPanel.json
- Mousewheel now works with minor erratic synchronization with the
vertical scrollbar.
- Changes to allow for closing docks at the left panel as a user
customization feature. At this moment, to restore default the
user needs to manually remove ~/.mandriva/mpm/LeftPanel.json
- Now, mpm, stores any user customization under ~/.mandriva/mpm/
For the left panel case, a LeftPanel.json file is created whenever
the user changes the default leftpanel.
- Adds mpm.desktop file to enable mpm to be run from SimpleWelcome;
- Adds i18n code (only pt_BR translation available at the moment);
- Renames status Transitioning to Transition;
- Adds a scrollbar to the Package details panel;
- Move navigation buttons to the left, enlarging Search box;
- Starting this NEWS (Thanks Eugeni!)
- With the Qt4 build solved, native components were used again;
- Removing Simple/Advanced/Settings toolbar buttons;
- Enlarging SearchBox to fill the gap;
- Status buttons where moved from status bar to the left panel;
- Sort items were moved from left panel to the head of the TargetView;
- TargetView was changed to use a native TableView component;
- New History and Settings buttons were added on the toolbar;
- Status bar were modified to act as a splitter and separate TargetView
from Package details;
0.3.0 (first publicly available version on github)
- Modifications to use the package qt-components-desktop instead of the
embedded one;
- Due to Qt4 build problems on Mandriva Cooker, some components were
temporarily removed and a fake Toolbar was added;
- Releasing this verstion on Mandriva 2011.0 Cooker;
NOTE: This version was erroneously tagged as 0.1.0 (even on cooker);
- Changes to have a more native look&feel by adding QML components from the
desktop project (;
Changes with possibilities for a new "look&feel"
First release with "look&feel" coming from the old Mandriva Application Manager
design. See;