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Blessed is an open source implementation of a Bluetooth Low Energy stack targeting embedded bare-metal devices. Blessed aims to provide a flexible and customizable software stack, and when necessary, allow access to lower layers, such as the link layer.

It's also an acronym for Bluetooth Low Energy Software Stack for Embedded Devices.


  • GAP Broadcaster role: non-connectable and scannable advertising are implemented. Connectable advertising is also implemented, but connection requests are ignored.
  • GAP Observer role: passive scanning is implemented.

Planned features¹

¹ This is not a complete list.

Supported platforms

Currently, only the [nRF51822] ( SoC from Nordic Semiconductor is supported.

How to compile it


$ make PLATFORM=your-platform <other configuration variables²>

If all's well, this command will generate a static library located in build/libblessed.a. The public headers are located in include/blessed. Check the examples to see how to build and link an application with libblessed.a. Our build system doesn't support make install.

² More on this soon.


Check the [examples/] ( file.


Blessed is distributed under the MIT license.