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A package to bring D3plus to R

About D3plus

D3plus is a library built on top of D3. The purpose of the library is to make visualization creation simple and easy. Please access the original D3plus project at this link to learn more.

About D3plusR

D3plusR is a package created using the htmlwidgets framework. The methods available in the D3plus library have been converted to R functions. The initial options are available in the d3plus () function. The other functions are directly linked to the methods. For example, the d3plusSize() function exists for the .size() (D3plus) method.




The authors of D3plus have made this page with the options for each method.

See a comparison between the D3plus and the D3plusR.

  • D3plus:
.axes({"ticks": false,
       "background": {"color": "#FFFFFF",
                      "stroke": {"width": 0}}})
  • D3plusR
d3plusAxes(ticks = FALSE,
           background = list(color = "#FFFFFF",
                             stroke = list(width = 0)))

First Example


# Fake shares
trade_bra_chn <- trade_bra_chn %>% 
  mutate(share = sample(100, nrow(trade_bra_chn), replace = TRUE))

dictionary <- list(TradeValue = "Trade Value", Period = "Year",
                   share = "Share")

attributes <- list(Trade.Flow = data.frame(Trade.Flow = c("Export", "Import"),
                             hex = c("#344969", "#992234")))

d3plus(data = trade_bra_chn, id = "Trade.Flow",
       type = "bar",
       dictionary = dictionary,) %>% 
  d3plusX(value = "Period") %>% 
  d3plusY(value = "TradeValue") %>% 
  d3plusLegend(value = TRUE, size = 30, data = FALSE) %>% 
  d3plusTooltip(value = c("Period", "TradeValue", "share")) %>% 
  d3plusAttrs(value = attributes) %>% 
  d3plusColor(value = "hex") %>% 
  d3plusTitle("Brazilian Exports and Imports to/from China")

See more examples: