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Version 0.1.6 - Created in 18/Jun/2013
- New buttons added: "rehydrate" and "deduplicate".
- Bug fixed: text on the progress bar now is showed since the start of processes.
- Progress bar information showed since the start of processes
- Default chunk size of the file added in the AnalyzeDialog.
- Default chunk size add in the UserFiles column family.
- Chunk size used in the deduplication is get from the stored file.
- More information added in the AnalyzeDialog, including the legend describing the colors of the bar.
- Login dialog is showed when the user open the application.
- New strings changed by references to reduces the memory usage.
Version 0.1.5 - Created in 09/Jun/2013
- Cassandra Column Families are created automatically now.
- "Delete All Files" added in the "SettingsDialog".
- Logo added.
Version 0.1.4 - Created and Tagged in 06/Jun/2013
- Error message added to inform when Cassandra is not running.
- Feature to change user added.
- Progress bar corrected.
- Content of the Chunk removed of the memory after use.
- ByteBuffer changed because was being shared by all Chunk objects.
- Performance of the getAreasModified and getSpaceOccupiedByTheFile increased.
- ModificationBar now can be resizable.
- ModificationBar added to analyze the content modified in the file to show visually.
- Deduplication do not returns chunk objects with content anymore.
- Bug fixed: many Hector thread was being open.
- Performance to rehydrate increased using SuperSliceQuery.
- Performance increased to rehydrate.
- DeFS changed to slice a file by demand.
- Economy calculation is no longer done for files already calculated.
Version 0.1.3 - Created and Tagged in 28/Apr/2013
- Change of the directory (to home) where the chunks are saved before sent to storage
- Economy calculation is no longer done for files already calculated
- Exception when is clicked out of the table is manipulated now
- ProgressBar fixed to the deduplication
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