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(ns cackefile
(:use [clojure.string :only [join]])
(:require [cljs.nodejs :as n]))
(def fs (n/require "fs"))
(def process (n/require "child_process"))
; state the app files here
(def files ["fiscalia"])
(def app-files (map #(str "app/" % ".coffee") files))
(defn unlink [tmp-dir]
(fn [err stdout stderr]
(.unlink fs tmp-dir)
(println "DONE BUILD COFFEE!")))
(defn docompile
"supposed to be called after save as a callback."
[targ-dir tmp-dir cb]
(fn [err]
(when-not err
(.exec process (str "coffee -c -o " targ-dir " " tmp-dir) cb))))
(defn save-tmp [tmp-src content cb]
(.writeFile fs tmp-src content cb))
(defn build [tmp-src tmp-dir targ-dir]
(let [contents (apply array app-files)
cter (atom (count app-files))]
(amap contents idx ret
(.readFile fs (aget contents idx) "utf-8"
(fn [err c]
(when-not err
(aset ret idx c)
(swap! cter dec)
(when (= 0 @cter)
(save-tmp tmp-src
(join "\n" ret)
(docompile targ-dir tmp-dir
(unlink tmp-dir))))
(build "cbuild/" "cbuild" "public/js")