Go Benchmark. Inspired by Apache Benchmark
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gb is a stress test tool based on Apache Benchmark. It has zero dependencies, so you should be able to build the project and start using it.


The figure bellow depicts the distributed architeture behind gb:


Note that distributed gb is optional. You can run it in standalone mode.

Using it

Before, clone the project and build it:

git clone git@github.com:paulosuzart/gb.git

You can also use goinstall github.com/paulosuzart/gb. goinstall will put a compile gb to you $GOROOT/bin after clonning the git repo to $GOROOT/src/pkg/github.com.

Running gb in Master/Workers mode:

Run, say, two Workers:

./gb -M worker -H localhost:1978 
./gb -M worker -H localhost:1977

They should print something like:

2011/05/15 13:23:22 Starting in worker mode
2011/05/15 13:23:22 Setting up a Localworker...
2011/05/15 13:23:22 Waiting for tasks...

Now you are able to run the Master:

./gb -M master -W localhost:1978,localhost:1979 -c 2 -n 20 -T 70

Note: Every Worker should be up and running before starting the master

The Master should print something like:

2011/05/18 00:38:19 Starting in master mode
2011/05/18 00:38:19 Starting Master...
2011/05/18 00:38:19 TEST SESSION {1311125723245295000 700000000
2011/05/18 00:38:19 2 ProxyWorker(s) may be used by gb
2011/05/18 00:38:19 Setting up a ProxyWorker for localhost:1978
2011/05/18 00:38:19 Setting up a ProxyWorker for localhost:1979
2011/05/18 00:38:19 2 ProxyWorker(s) may be used by gb
2011/05/18 00:38:19 Tasks distributed. Waiting for summaries...
2011/05/18 00:38:19 
        Test Summary (gb. Version: 0.0.2 beta)
Total Go Benchmark Time         | 60.768 milisecs
Requests Performed              | 20
Requests Lost                   | 0
Target supports (reqs/s)        | ~272
Average Response Time           | 4.7511 milisecs 
Max Response Time               | 18.089 milisecs
Min Response Time               | 1.528 milisecs

At the same time Workers should print:

2011/05/18 00:38:14 Starting in worker mode
2011/05/18 00:38:14 Waiting for tasks...
2011/05/18 00:38:19 Task Received from localhost:1970
2011/05/18 00:38:19 Summary sent to localhost:1970

netchan import: header:EOF is a Go log.


Available parameters by now are:

  • -c concurrent. Number of clients to perform the requests.
  • -C Content-Type. Http header to be sent.
  • -n requests. Number of request each client should perform.
  • -A username:password. For Http Basic Authentication.
  • -M mode: standalone, master, worker.
  • -H host: Used for identify the host running gb. No effect in standalone mode. Default is ($hostname):1970.
  • -W workers addresses: Used for distributed gb. Separated by comma.
  • -T max time: Max time in milisecs for gb execution.
  • -t target. Target http server. The protocol is mandatory.
  • -O cookie. cookie-name=value. A Cookie Header to be added to request.


Eclipse Public License 1.0 (http://opensource.org/licenses/eclipse-1.0.php)


  • Websocket to report in real time the status of request. A browser will be welcome.
  • Test coverage using a go test server to ensure all the options provided by GB (URGENT).
  • Timeout for workers and Master. DONE!
  • Distribute workers using a worker mode for gb. DONE!
  • Cover HTTP POST. DONE! Now the usage of -C sets the method to POST.
  • Support for cookies. DONE! Need some improvements.
  • File upload.
  • POST data file.
  • Request parameters by csv file
  • Enable standalone mode again. DONE!
  • Improve netchan.Importer usage in worker mode. DONE! Now workers keeps the channel open for masters no more than -M. after -M the worker closes the Test session (imported channel) by its own, avoiding holding the dead channel forever.


    You can contribute with your code at any time. Just make your pull request like:

    • andrewzeneski made gb compatible with go0.6
      • mattn made changes necessary to make it compatible with go1.3 and the absence of netchan package in the starndard lib. and .