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Authors, with various user IDs used over the years:
Benjamin S. Kirk = benkirk
Bill Barth = bbarth
Cody Permann = permcody
Daniel Dreyer = ddreyer
David Andrs = andrsd
David Knezevic = knezed01
Derek Gaston = friedmud
Dmitry Karpeev = karpeev
Florian Prill = fprill
Jason Hales = jasondhales
John W. Peterson = jwpeterson
Paul T. Bauman = pbauman
Roy H. Stogner = roystgnr
Steffen Petersen = spetersen
Sylvain Vallaghe = svallagh
Tim Kroeger = sheep_tk
Truman Ellis = trumanellis
Wout Ruijter = woutruijter
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