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0.8.0 -> 0.9.0
* automake build system
libMesh-specific implementation features:
source and header files must be listed explicitly.
When adding a header file,
1.) svn add the file
2.) cd include ; ./
3.) cd include/libmesh ; ./
When adding a soure file,
1.) svn add the file
2.) cd src ; ./
General notes:
o make install && make installcheck
installs the built library & performs sanity checking
o make distcheck
packages up a tarball and tests it for self-sufficiency.
always do this when modifying the build system.
0.7.3 -> 0.8.0
* Vector-valued finite elements & related examples
* Entirely refactored Parallel namespace implementation
* Properly communicate DofIndices when communicating DofObjects
* std::thread-like asynchronous function execution
* Refactored serialized EquationSystems I/O for increased performance
* Heterogeneous constraints & bug fixes
* Proper DirichletConstraints Dirichlet boundary conditions
* Improved PeriodicBoundary support
* Refactored, parallelized SparsityPattern generation
* Weighted Patch Recovery Error Estimator suppport
* Relocated header files, e.g.
#include "dof_map.h" becomes
#include "libmesh/dof_map.h"
this will be strictly enforced in the next release.
* ParallelMesh fixes
* PGI, Sun Studio compiler portability fixes
* MeshTools::Generation::build_sphere() icosahedron support
* Improved Abaqus reader support
* Improved UCDIO writer support
* Output only a subset of variables from EquationSystems
* Run-time floating point exception trapping via --enable-fpe
* Refreshed packaged METIS and ParMETIS to latest versions
* PETSc-3.3, SLEPc 3.3 support
* Trilinos-11 support
* Mac OSX 10.8 "Mountain Lion" fixes
* New Examples:
o systems_of_equations 4, 5, 6: 2D and 3D linear elasticity
o reduced_basis_ex5: 3D linear elasticity with the Reduced Basis method
o reduced_basis_ex6: Empirical interpolation method for a geometrically parametrized domain in 3D
o reduced_basis_ex7: Complex-valued Reduced Basis problem modeling an acoustic horn
0.7.2 -> 0.7.3
* Templated FunctionBase and subclass functors
* Functor-based versions of more system APIs
* Integrated function parser based functor
* More flexible PetscMatrix responds to -mat_type
* Elem::close_to_point() method for contact problems
* Heterogenous constraint equation support
* Dirichlet constraint equation support
* More methods are ParallelMesh-compatible
* Mesh extrusion generation
* UniformRefinement error estimates for more adjoint options
* Element truth table written in ExodusII output
* GetPot detection of overridden variables
* Reorganized examples by category
* C++11 compatibility fixes
* Many assorted bug fixes
0.7.1 -> 0.7.2
* Discontinuous hierarchic FE basis
* PatchRecoveryErrorEstimator patch reuse option
* New partitioning-aware Patch construction option
* More efficient adjoint solves with PETSc
* New projection example utility
* Bare System objects are now useful for efficient utilities
* Many Exodus/Nemesis output improvements
* BoundaryInfo::sync() is now AMR- and ParallelMesh-compatible
* More code is now ParallelMesh-compatible
* More flexible Parallel:: APIs
* Elem:: utilities for semi-structured grids
* NodeConstraints calculations for moving mesh users
* Stack trace output on any uncaught exception
* Corrected non-standard C++ in FE class specializations
* Multithreaded FEMSystem assembly functions
* Assorted efficiency improvements
* Various Trilinos, Tetgen, Triangle interface improvements
* Compatibility with newer third-party packages, compilers
* Read support for ABAQUS meshes
* Many assorted bug fixes
0.7.0 -> 0.7.1
* Periodic boundary support enhancements
* New example with subdomain-restricted variables
* New examples with adjoint-based adaptivity, sensitivities
* More flexible multiphysics AdjointResidualErrorEstimator norms
* PatchRecoveryErrorEstimator of directional derivative seminorms
* Improved VTK output
* Separate RBEvaluation class for online Reduced Basis solves
* Object-based assembly API options
* Partitioning can now use element weights
* Better support for boundaries with multiple BC IDs
* More matrix printing options
* XZ compression support
* Subset solves with PETSc
* Better SLEPc compatibility
* Properly read restart files with a subset of our variables
* New utility for comparing restart files
* Easier enabling of float, long double configurations
* Most features now work with RTTI disabled
* Many assorted bug fixes
0.6.4 -> 0.7.0
* Certified Reduced Basis model creation/evaluation
* Adjoint-based sensitivity calculations and error indicators
* Support for newer PETSc, SLEPc
* More autodetection of optional dependencies
* New examples:
** Discontinuous Galerkin
** SCALAR Lagrange multipliers
** Certified Reduced Basis method
* Parallel:: utilities for std::set data
* Parallel:: support for non-default MPI communicators
* Parallel:: support for non-magic-number message tags
* GMVIO support for subdomain material ids
* ExodusII support for writing discontinuous data
* Switched some example output formats to Exodus, now that GMV is going away
* More ASCII IO support for variable precision
* FEMContext utilities are now useable outside FEMSystem
* Optional BLAS-based dense linear algebra operations
* Improved fork of GetPot input parsing
* Support for interior boundary ids
* Elem::find_edge_neighbors utility
* Additional patch recovery error estimation norm options
* Additional SystemNorm functionality
* Support for zero-dimensional "meshes"
* Support mesh construction without pre-specified dimensionality
* Optional independent redirection of libMesh output/error text streams
* Moved libMesh classes into libMesh namespace
* More forward declarations, refactoring to reduce header dependencies
* Fix for an infrequent-but-major I/O-corrupting bug in our libHilbert interface
* Fix for errors when doing adaptive refinement across a periodic boundary
* Fix for projections on systems with per-subdomain variables
* Many fixes for minor bugs, overzealous assertions