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Better error for people without ivy installed.

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commit 97fd2a092bce2405dcdaec314f652becb83246c8 1 parent c1e8217
Paul Phillips authored
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16 ivy-classpath
@@ -6,6 +6,22 @@
# Todo - make it possible to leave out lots more
+if ! which ivy >/dev/null; then
+ cat <<"EOM"
+Error: no `ivy` command line program found.
+On OSX with homebrew, you can 'brew install ivy', otherwise
+save the following as executable 'ivy' and place it on your path.
+cd /path/to/ivy/distribution && java $JAVA_OPTS -jar ivy-2.2.0.jar "$@"
+ exit 1
prog="$(basename $0)"
unset verbose
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