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Why SVG?



In your Android,iOS and Windows Phone projects call:

Xamarin.Forms.Init();//platform specific init

You must do this AFTER you call Xamarin.Forms.Init();


Instead of using an Image Control simply use SvgImage!

You MUST :

  • Set Height and Width
  • Set Build Action to Embedded Resource for your svg files
  • SvgPath to {Project}.{Folder}.{FileName}.{Extension}
  • SvgAssembly to the assembly containing the file
  • For Win Phone make sure you include a XAML file equivalent of the SVG with the root element being a Viewbox
  • Example : If you have Sample.svg also add Sample.xaml under the same folder of the svg.(No need to specify anything else as long as the names match)

Code Usage :

new SvgImage { 
		SvgPath = "PluginSampleApp.Images.hipster.svg",
		SvgAssembly = typeof(App).GetTypeInfo().Assembly, 
		HeightRequest = 100,
		WidthRequest = 100

Xaml Usage :

  <abstractions:SvgImage Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" SvgAssembly="{Binding SvgAssembly}" SvgPath="{Binding CoolMaskSvgPath}" HeightRequest="50" WidthRequest="50" BackgroundColor="White" HorizontalOptions="Center" VerticalOptions="Center"/>

In the example my SVG file is located under the Images folder in the PluginSampleApp project. The SvgAssembly is a reference to the assembly containing the svg/xaml file.

Where to get SVG/XAML?

Win Phone does not support SVGs by default and there are no good SVG to Win Phone XAML libraries. Diederik Krols has a really nice post on how to convert SVG to Metro XAML. Check out the nounproject for some royalty free SVGs.




Licensed under main repo license