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rx.wamp NPM version

A Reactive wrapper library for the autobahn wamp v1/v2 library in the browser/node

If you have been using below version 0.2.0 please see below for important API changes!


Regular browser

<script type="application/javascript" src="javascripts/lib/autobahn.js"></script>
<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="application/javascript" src="javascripts/rx.wamp.js" ></script>


require(['rx.wamp'], function(Rx) {

  //Do stuff



var rxwamp = require('rx.wamp');

//Do stuff with the autobahn
//This works for both versions, though realm is only required in version 2
  .fromConnection({url: 'ws://localhost:9000', realm: 'realm1'});


function newSession(session) {
  console.log("A new session was created");

var connectionSubscription = Rx.Observable.fromConnection("ws://localhost:9000")
//Close our current connection and don't retry

Subscribing to topics

function validateArgs(value) {
  return value.args && value.args.length > 1;

function getResultValue(value) {
  return value.args[1];

//You may optionally pass in an observer to listen for the subscription completing
var openObserver = Rx.Observer.create();

var topic = Rx.Observable.subscribeAsObservable(session, "", options, openObserver);

//Do all the normal reactive operations on it
var topicSubscription = topic
//Unsubscribe from topic, you will no longer receive updates from this topic
New in version 0.3!

You can now pass your connection observable directly into your subscription so that it will persist across sessions

Rx.Observable.subscribeAsObservable(Rx.Observable.fromConnection("ws://myconnectionurl:9090"), "", onResult);

New in version 0.5!

You can now use an even shorter-hand for subscription. These will automatically persist across sessions if you use the fromConnection() overload.

var connection = Rx.Observable.fromConnection("ws://myconnectionurl:9090");

//You can subscribe to as many items as you want
var subscriber = 
  .to("", {}, fooObserver)
  .to("", function(message) {}, function(ex) {}, function(){});
//You may cancel all of the items with one command as well

Publishing to topic

//Version 2
var published = Rx.Observable.publishAsObservable(session, "", [42], {key : "value"}, {});

//Version 1 - Overloads
Rx.Observable.publishAsObservable(session, "", { args : [42], kwargs : { key : "value" } }, true);
Rx.Observable.publishAsObservable(session, "", { args : [42], kwargs : { key : "value" } }, [12345678]);
Rx.Observable.publishAsObservable(session, "", { args : [42], kwargs : { key : "value" } }, [12345678], [87654321]);

Or use them together

//Surfaces a subject which can do both publication and subscription
var topic = Rx.Observable.fromPubSubPattern(session, "wamp.pubsub.topic", {});

//When the topic successfully subscribes it is surfaced through the 'opened' property
  console.log("subscribed to topic");

//Errors in publishing are surfaced through the 'errors' property
  console.log("There was an error publishing the message");

//subscribe to the observer

//publish to the observer
  function(x) {return x < 42; },
  function(x) {return x + 1; },
  function(x) {return {args : [x]}; },
  function(x) {return 15; })

Registering methods

Note that this will only work in version 2

function endpoint(args, kwargs, details) {
  if (args === undefined || args.length < 1)
    throw new autobahn.Error("No values to sum!");
  else if (args.length > 2) {
    throw new autobahn.Error("Too many values!");
  } else {
    return args[0] + args[1];

function onError(e) {
  //This will get called for all errors.

var registration = 
    .registerAsObservable(session, "", endpoint, {})
    //This will bubble up all errors that occur either
    //during registration or unregistration.

New in version 0.3!

You can now pass your connection observable directly into your registration so that it will persist across sessions

var connection = Rx.Observable.fromConnection({url : myUrl, realm : 'realm1'});

Rx.Observable.registerAsObservable(connection, "", endpoint, {});

Calling methods

We can call methods, like the one in the example above, as well.

var caller = session.callAsObservable("", {});

//Version 2
caller([2, 3], {})
      // => 5
      console.log("Result was %s", value.args[0]);

//Resubscribing will yield the cached result
addResult.subscribe(function(value) {
      console.log("Result was %s", value.args[0]);

//Version 1
caller(2, 3)
  .subscribe(function(value) {});


Currently only available in V1

//In this case the *this* of the onchallenge function will be the session.
//Raised when the server challenges the authentication
function onchallenge(challenge){
  var signature = this.authsign(challenge, "");
  return this.auth(signature);


Weather Station Monitor

//listen for sensor readings
var sensorReadings = Rx.Observable.subscribeAsObservable(session, "weather.sensor");

//A remote service for analyzing our readings, it might be aggregating across several different sources
var analyzer = Rx.Observable.callAsObservable(session, "weather.forecast.compute");

//Home control settings
var desiredTemperature = Rx.Observable.subscribeAsObservable(session, "temperature.indoors.desired");

var dailyForecast = 
    //Some compatibility so we can transparently use between versions
    return rawValue.kwargs || rawValue.event;
  .throttleFirst(1000) // At most once every second
  .bufferWithTime(1000 * 60 * 60 * 24) //Milliseconds in a day
  .tap(function(readings) {
    //Send these off to our visualizer somewhere on the network
    Rx.Observable.publishAsObservable(session, "weather.visualizer.daily", readings);
  .flatMap(function(readings) {
    //This returns an observable which we will flatMap back into our stream
    return analyzer(readings);

//Warn of inclement weather coming in  
  //only get warnings
  .filter(function(weather) {
    return weather.warnings.length > 0;
  .map(function(weather) {
    //remap only the first warning, don't know why, just cause
    var warning = weather.warnings[0];
    return {type : warning.type, severity : warning.severity, message : "GET TO DA CHOPPA!!"};
  //Publish it to our klaxon service to warn everyone on the block
  .subscribe(Rx.Observable.publishAsObservable.bind(null, session, "weather.warnings.klaxon"));
//Notify the climate control to turn off
  .map(function(weather) {
    return weather.temperature.average;
  .combineLatest(desiredTemperature, function(actual, desired) {
    return Math.abs(desired - actual);
  .map(function(difference) {
    return {state : difference > 4};
  .subscribe(Rx.Observable.publishAsObservable.bind(null, session, ""));

//Create a pipeline of distributed computation
var adder = session.caller("");
var multiplier = session.caller("");

//Somewhat contrived but you get the idea
var pipeline = 
  adder([2, 3])
    .zip(adder([3, 4]), function(value1, value2) { 
      return [value1.args[0], value2.args[0]];
    .flatMap(function(value) { 
      return multiplier(value[0], value[1]); 
    // =>  (2 + 3) * (3 + 4) = 35
    console.log("Result was %d", value.args[0]);


  • [Major] Implement cross-platform compatibility (currently only works in node)
  • [Major] Bug fixing
  • [Major] Improve API semantics and readability
  • [Major] Push to cdn platforms (npm/bower/cdnjs or microjs).
  • [Minor] Add v1 backward compatibility