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mass education data model

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based on YAML syntax ... # denotes comments

report requirements: how profitable was event id####, at a given point in time, and over a specied period of time, if payments are directly related to URL or html page requests


  • event_id # [1:1] eg unique identifier eg for linking event to payments
  • schedule_id # [1:many] eg when reused over time incl timestamp, URLs etc
  • URLs # [1:many] eg when reused by different communities over time
  • URL_requests # [0:many.many.many] eg concurrent requests per sec and/or ad hoc requests over time
  • request_headers # [0:many.many.many] eg identifying end_users details incl IP, timezone, browser etc
  • static_content # [1:many] eg html, css, js, images
  • event_content # [1:many.many] eg images, sound files, video, text, links to resources, next, prev
  • end_user_content # [0:many.many.many] eg likes, dislikes, comments, shares, downloads, clicks
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