A demo Docker image for using Nginx Unit with PHP and @laravel
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Nginx Unit Dockerfile


This is just an experiment so I didn't spend any time automating the setup of Laravel. You need to install and have composer in your local path, and then run the following to set up the Laravel application:

$ cd src/
$ cp .env.example .env
$ composer install
$ php artisan key:generate

# go back to the root to run build / start
$ cd ..

To experiment with this container, you need to build it and then start it:

bin/build && bin/start

The application should be available at http://localhost:8300.

The Configuration Object

Here's how you would set up the configuration object inside the container using a Unix Socket:

$ docker exec -it the-container bash

# In the container
$ curl -X PUT -d @/www/laravel/app.json  \
    --unix-socket /var/run/control.unit.sock http://localhost/

The configuration object for laravel is located in src/app.json.