A five-part responsive web design tutorial, written for netmagazine.com and published in 2012.
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Build a Responsive Website in a Week

A responsive design tutorial in 5 parts, originally written for http://netmagazine.com/. It’s hosted here so you can track changes, clone it for your own needs and hopefully contribute improvements.

  1. Designing Responsively
  2. Responsive Typography and Grids
  3. Responsive Images and Video
  4. Getting to Grips With Media Queries
  5. Going further with Responsive Web Design

While this tutorial still serves as a useful introduction to responsive web design, as it was written in 2012 and has not been updated since, some of the recommendations may have become outdated.

Example site

The finished example website, which was originally available at http://roadtrip.paulrobertlloyd.com/ is now served from the gh-pages branch of this repo, and can be seen at http://paulrobertlloyd.github.io/roadtrip. This example site (and related tutorial files) originally used the web font Proxima Nova, but since my license has expired, fallback fonts will appear instead.