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0.9.3 (June 19, 2012)

Breaking Changes:

  • Oculus.cache_path removed, please use Oculus.storage_options[:cache_path] instead.


  • Support for database-backed result storage (SequelStore). Usage:

    Oculus.storage_options = {
      adapter: 'sequel',
      uri:     'mysql://localhost/your_db',
      table:   'your_table'                 # default: oculus

    Jonathan Rudenberg

  • Hover actions for the SQL statement on the query detail page, to send it to the editor or rerun it.

  • Command-R/Ctrl-R executes the query instead of reloading the page in most browsers.


  • Escape special characters in query results.

    Jonathan Rudenberg

0.9.2 (June 2, 2012)

Initial public release

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