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Javascript library for rendering standard music notation in a browser.

This library makes it easy to incorporate sheet music into your websites. You can also turn visible ABC text into sheet music on websites that you don't own using a greasemonkey script, or change your own website that contains ABC text with no other changes than the addition of one javascript file. You can also generate MIDI files or play them directly in your browser.

BETA NOTE: The documentation has not been updated for the beta version. It is set for the latest released version.

Full documentation is here: abcjs documentation


Thanks so much for the bug reports and feature requests that are pouring into the issues. I appreciate you taking the time to help improve abcjs. This is not a full time project, though, so I can't promise a quick turn around on the issues. I am going to attempt to be caught up on responding once a week at least.

And I would love some help on this project, particularly with documentation at the moment, but many other things, too, as soon as I finish some refactoring. If you are so inclined, please get in touch.

Supported by BrowserStack

If you aren't using the same browser and machine that I use, you can thank BrowserStack for their support of this open-source project.


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