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IE View Firefox extension - load pages in IE with one click, or automatically
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Notice: I'm no longer the developer/owner of IE View. The last version I created was v1.5.1, available from the IE View Versions page at I can't offer support on more-recent versions; please contact the new developers through the IE View addon page. The source code here is for v1.5.1. It is MPL-licensed, forkable, and free to modify and redistribute.

IE View Lite, based on IE View, is still supported by its original developer.


IE View is a simple Firefox extension (for Microsoft Windows systems), which allows the current page or a selected link to be opened in Internet Explorer. I use Firefox 99.99% of the time, but there are those moments -- particularly when testing new pages, or when viewing that rare IE-only page that's actually interesting -- when I need to see what things look like in IE.

IE View adds menu items to the page context menu, and the link context menu. Right-clicking a link now includes an "Open link target in IE" menu item. Right-clicking elsewhere in the main body of the page (not within an image, text box, etc.) gives "View this page in IE."

You can also add sites to an "always-view-in-IE" list. These sites, when reached in Firefox, will automatically reopen in Internet Explorer. The site you are currently viewing can be added via the Firefox Tools menu, or by opening the Tools | Add-ons | IE View | Options window (screenshots)

Known Issues

  1. Recent IE View versions don't get along well with the TabBrowser Extensions package. Unfortunately, many extensions do not get along well with TBE. For more information, see FAQ for information on disabling Always-View-in-IE.

    User Jim Courtney reports better luck using TabMix in place of TabBrowser extensions - TabMix has many of the functions of TBE, as well as additional functionality of its own, and plays well with others.

  2. Users of Agnitum Outpost firewall software will likely have problems using IE View. Outpost (unlike any other firewall product of which I'm aware) considers the Internet Explorer process launched by IE View and Firefox to be "hidden", and denies it internet access.

  3. At the moment, this works under Windows only. A technique for getting it to work under Mac OS X can be found in the FAQ. Linux instructions can be found on the IE View on Linux page.


Through the wonders of the MPL, I was able to crib some of the context-menu addition code from Ted Mielczarek's Nuke Image extension.

Parts of the actual run-an-external-app footwork were taken from Torisugari's External Application Buttons extension.

Contributors translation
acushnir:Spanish (Argentina) translation
AlleyKat:Danish translation
Andreas Boettcher:German translation
Andrew Kota:Hungarian translation
Aycan Demirel:Turkish translation
Bart:German translation
Bartosz Piec:Polish translation
BatBat:French translation
Chankyu Park:Korean translation
Duriel:Chinese (Simplified) translation
Eduardo Rapaport:Portuguese (Portugal) translation
Eduardo Rapoport:Portuguese (Brazilian) translation
Fulya Koksal:Turkish translation
Gert-Paul van der Beek:Dutch translation
Ghandi2:Norwegian translation
Giuliano Masseroni:Italian translation
J.I. Plaza:Spanish (Spain) translation
Jarno Kiuttu:Finnish translation
Joao Santos:Portuguese (Portugal) translation
Kim Ludvigsen:Danish translation
lcraFTl:Russian translation
Leszek(teo)Życzkowski:Polish translation
Ljubisa Radovanovic:Serbian translation
micmic:Spanish (Spain) translation
miles:Slovenian translation
moZes:Frisian translation
NGUYỄN Mạnh Hùng:Vietnamese translation
Norah Models:Japanese translation
Pavel Penaz:Czech translation
Phireak:Khmer (Cambodian) translation
raryelcsouza:Portuguese (Brazilian) translation
Rotem Liss:Hebrew translation
Silvio Santos:Portuguese (Brazilian) translation
Sonickydon:Greek translation
sushizang:Korean translation
Team translation
Thomas Bertels:French translation
Thomas Nilsson:Swedish translation
Toni Barrera Arboix:Catalan translation
Toni Hermoso Pulido:Catalan translation
WangKing:Chinese (Simplified) translation
Willy Young:Chinese (Traditional) translation
Wladow:Slovak translation
yoneh:Finnish translation