A Vim plugin that displays icons next to marks.
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FlagIt: flag lines with icons (Vim plugin)

FlagIt is a Vim plugin that prefixes lines with icons.

FlagIt screenshot


  • :FlagIt flagName [line number] toggle a flag. If no line number is provided, the current line is used.
  • :FlagList list all avaible flags.
  • :FlagDemo just a way to draw all kind of flags (debug).


  • g:Fi_OnlyText if 1, force text mode.
  • g:Fi_ShowMenu if 1 and Gui avaible and g:Fi_OnlyText is 0, a menu is added to the toolbar.
  • g:Fi_Flags a dictionnary of flag definitions.
  • A definition is declared as:
name : [path, fallback, isUniq, [optional] signArgs]`
  • name a uniq identifier.
  • path path to the image. The image will be drawn as a pixmap (if GUI avaible and g:Fi_OnlyText is 0).
  • fallback one or two character Drawn if text mode or g:Fi_OnlyText is 1.
  • uniq if 1, only one instance of this flag will be drawn (any other instance will be disabled). Useful to draw a cursor for example.
  • signArgs additional arguments to the sign definition (:sign define; see :help sign). Useful for theming.


map <F1> :FlagIt arrow<CR>
map <F2> :FlagIt function<CR>
map <F3> :FlagIt warning<CR>
map <F4> :FlagIt error<CR>
map <F5> :FlagIt step<CR>

let icons_path = "/home/paul/.vim/signs/tango/"
let g:Fi_Flags = { "arrow" : [icons_path."16.png", "> ", 1, "texthl=Title"],
                 \ "function" : [icons_path."17.png", "+ ", 0, "texthl=Comment"],
                 \ "warning" : [icons_path."8.png", "! ", 0, "texthl=StatusLine linehl=StatusLine"],
                 \ "error" : [icons_path."4.png", "XX", "true", "texthl=ErrorMsg linehl=ErrorMsg"],
                 \ "step" : [icons_path."5.png", "..", "true", ""] }
let g:Fi_OnlyText = 0
let g:Fi_ShowMenu = 0


Save flags (Modelines ? session ? dedicated file ?)