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-<p>Post offline for the moment. More info to come!</p>
+<h1>Product Design at Mozilla: new projects from the design team (video)</h1>
+<video controls style="max-width:100%;height:auto;" src="">
+Video URL: <a href=""></a>
+<p><em>From: <a href=""></a>.</em></p>
+<p><strong>Junior</strong> — an iPad browser that makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up.</p>
+<p><strong>Search</strong> Tabs — taking search to the next level, restoring real search engine choice and expanding the search market.</p>
+<p><strong>Presence</strong> — talk to people, share links, and stay in touch with your friends directly from the browser.</p>
+<p><strong>Video</strong> timestamps (estimated):</p>
+<p><strong>2:04</strong> - Google Chrome, iOS, Android as Mozilla disruptors</p>
+<p><strong>2:44</strong> - Why would you choose Firefox over Chrome?</p>
+<p><strong>4:14</strong> - Firefox UI recap: Australis, 80/20/2 rule</p>
+<p><strong>8:28</strong> - Product design learning experiences</p>
+<p><strong>13:27</strong> - Search Tabs (24:36 will it ship?)</p>
+<p><strong>25:24</strong> - Presence</p>
+<p><strong>30:32</strong> - Junior + Junior Q&amp;A</p>
+<p><strong>51:51</strong> - Fire alarm goes off</p>
+<p><em>toc shamelessly stolen <a href="">from Reddit</a> (thanks <a href="">isaacaggrey</a>).</em></p>

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