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About the Haskell Code

This is an implementation, in Haskell, of the core game logic from the
old Macintosh Polar game. See:

I wrote it for learning and experimentation purposes. I'm only going to
continue working on it as long as (1) I have free time, (2) I feel that
I'm having fun and learning new things. It might get a GUI. It might not. 
You are free to use it in any way that seems right to you, but please
notice possible intellectual property issues described below.

About the Polar Game

For details see my blog:

I wrote "Many years ago there existed on old-school MacOS a small game
called "Polar." It was a very simple game, written by a guy (Go Endo)
who was probably a student at the time, but I was fond of it -- fond
enough to save it for 23 years, with the intention of studying its
design and re-implementing it in the future."

I further noted that "the original game had a copyright notice (1990),
and was shareware ($2.00). I can't remember if I ever sent the author

[He certainly deserved it, and more, for the amount of entertainment
I got out of his challenging puzzles! From what I can tell, Polar was
never popular and has largely been forgotten -- undeservedly so, in
my opinion, because it is extremely clever.]

I continued "I'm not sure how he would feel about me taking apart and
trying to re-implement his game, or whether he'd try to assert that
copyright prevented me from doing so, but I'll assume he's a nice guy
and wouldn't care as long as I don't charge for it, and go ahead, on
the theory that easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

I am not a lawyer, but I believe Mr. Endo has a valid copyright claim
to his implementation, including his original graphics and text. I do
not believe that copyright necessarily protects gameplay mechanics or
level design, but remember that part where I said I am not a lawyer?


A re-engineering of the old Polar game for the Macintosh, as a prototype in Haskell




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