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Config Generator for ESP/Arduino

Everyone with an ESP8266 lying around has an awesome idea what to do with it 😎 and all of you have probably figured out how to tackle the core problem of it. Maybe it's triggering a servo/motor/LED/speaker, or how to read a sensor. There is a library for almost everything. What I think is missing is an easy way to nicely configure an ESP via a webfronted hosted from the device itself, without any external dependencies. So I started this:


This is

  • an editor to create a configuration UI (with live preview)
  • a code generator that creates code from the created UI to host/load/save and configure an ESP via HTTP

Use the Demo

You can use the demo hosted on my website to create your UIs:

Running Locally

Clone this repository.

cd generator
npm install

npm run build # compile for prod -> use this to obtain dist/data/*.gz
npm run start # run dev server

Open http://localhost:8081

How to use the generated files

Create your UI and download the config.json file to generator/dist/data, then copy the data directory to example:

mkdir example/data
cp generator/dist/data/* example/data/

The example/ directory contains a based Arduino project for the ESP8266.

From the copied example/data directory create the SPIFFS image

cd example/
pio run --target buildfs

Connect your ESP8266 and upload the SPIFFS image:

pio run --target uploadfs

Create your own src/config.h from src/config.h.example so the ESP can connect to your WiFi. Compile the project and upload it to the ESP via the IDE.

Open the serial console and reset the ESP. Take note of the IP address and open the config page http://<ESP-IP>/index.html.


  • The generator is the editor as well as the source for the generated config site. They share the same components.
  • The site is gzip compressed, to save space in SPIFFS. At the moment the page requires ~250kb (which gets aligned to your SPIFFS size when building the image)
  • The config.json contains the UI layout and data structure

For Developers

  • This project is based on Typescript, React, BulmaCSS (via BloomerJS)
  • Take a look at the NPM scripts to see how to build/dev this package




Web configuration editor + code generator for Arduino/ESP8266




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