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import HtmlVaporSupport
import Shared
import Vapor
extension Index {
/// Plain Old Swift Type that represents the prepared data to be rendered.
struct Result {
/// A pretty printed JSON representation of the data parsed into the
/// app's domain models.
let decoded: String
/// Any errors generated whilst the app code was parsing the input JSON.
let errors: [String]
/// The raw JSON representation before any processing has occured.
let raw: String
/// Prepares the data to be rendered.
/// The data is not in the easiest format to render so this function extracts each value,
/// creates a pretty printed version and then bundles them all together in an `Index.Result`.
/// - Parameter value: The value to process.
/// - Returns: A new `Result` that contains a simpler representation of the data.
static func prepare(_ value: Decoded<[Person]>) -> Shared.Result<Index.Result> {
let encoder = JSONEncoder()
encoder.outputFormatting = .prettyPrinted
switch value {
case let .debug(value: value, raw: raw, errors: errors):
do {
return .success(
decoded: String(data: try encoder.encode(value), encoding: .utf8) ?? "",
errors: { $0.localizedDescription },
raw: String(data: try encoder.encode(raw), encoding: .utf8) ?? ""
} catch {
return .failure(error)
return .failure(Abort(.internalServerError, reason: "Client not in debug mode"))
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