assorted AppleScript, PHP, Python, Perl and Objective-C tools
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  • WordPress batch upgrade: batch upgrade installations of WordPress and Akismet
  • MySQL backup: command line tool for optimizing, repairing and backing up MySQL databases.
  • Toronto Star crossword puzzle fetcher: (Mac OS X only) command line tool for downloading the day’s Star PM and printing out the crossword.
  • Mailman backup: command line tool for backing up Mailman mailing lists via email.
  • txt2vcf: converts tab-delimited text files (.txt) to vCards (.vcf).


  • Get AirPort networks: (Mac OS X 10.3.x) tells you what AirPort networks you’ve agreed to join and lets you remove them.
  • Proteus Contact Parser: (Mac OS X) prints a hierarchical list of your Proteus 3.x contact list, so you can make sure you don’t miss anyone when upgrading to version 4.


  • bdays: (Mac OS X 10.4+) command line tool showing you whose birthdays are today (or within a range of days).


  • m3u2mp3: download all the MP3s in a .m3u file
  • Recursive file modifier: descend a directory tree and modify files.


  • Stubborn file remover: helps you remove files and folders that are locked, owned by someone else or have incorrect permissions.


  • Countries: state-maintaining popup menu of countries, using ISO 3166 country codes as keys and country names as values.
  • Credit Card: checksum validation for credit cards. Used by RequireFields.
  • Email validator: function/regular expression for validating email addresses. Used by RequireFields.
  • Mail: object-oriented wrapper around PHP’s mail() command.
  • Popup Menu: create a state-maintaining popup menu. Used by States, Countries, TableHashPopup. My post popular script.
  • Require Fields: generalized form validation. Can check if fields are alpha, text, dollar amounts, numbers, IP addresses (IPv4), dates, times, URLs, phone numbers (North America), email addresses, credit card numbers, US zip and Canadian postal codes.
  • States: configurable state-maintaining popup menu of US states, territories and military “states” and Canadian provinces.
  • Table Hash Popup: create a state-maintaining popup menu based on database tables.