rails validation plugin. validates postal and zip codes.
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Strict validation module for postal and zip codes.

= General usage

== Installation

You can install the plugin the traditional way. Go to your application root
and do:

  script/plugin install git://github.com/paulschreiber/validates_as_postal_code.git

== Validate your model attributes


There are three ways to specify the country:
 (1) Pass the country name in as a string parameter (:country => "CA")
 class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
   validates_as_postal_code :postal_code, :country => "CA", :allow_blank => true

 (2) Create an attribute (country field) named foo in your object, and pass in a reference to foo:
 class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
   validates_as_postal_code :postal_code, :country => :foo

 (3) Create an attribute named country it in your object, i.e. Person#country
     i.e. country is the default name for your country field, and the validator tries that automatically

 class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
   validates_as_postal_code :postal_code

The :set parameter tells the validator to reformat the postal_code number (change punctuation and spacing) in to a standard format.

Supported countries are Canada (CA), the United States (US), Australia (AU), New Zealand (NZ). :set only works for Canada and the US; it's ignored for other countries.

= License

Copyright (c) 2010 Paul Schreiber, released under the MIT license