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LeafPlayer recently switched to docker for easier development and deployment. If you haven't heard about docker, check it out here. It's amazing!

Obviously you need Git to clone the LeafPlayer repository into a directory of your choice.

Setting up the backend

For the backend it's recommended to use docker and docker-compose. It's available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Of course you can use any other local web server and/or database server, to get going fast however I urge you to use docker for the ease of setting everything up.

After finishing the docker installation, bringing up the backend is merely a question of running two commands in the root folder.

 $ docker-compose up -d

 $ docker-compose exec app ./bringupdev

Setting up the frontend

For the frontend you'll need NodeJS with the npm package manager.

The frontend is based on the VueJS webpack template. So getting it running is merely a question of running the following commands from the frontend directory:

 $ npm install

 $ npm run dev


You can place music files into the testmusic directory for testing. It will be accessible in the app container via /var/music

You can also ssh into the app or web container with docker exec -it (web|app) /bin/sh

A phpmyadmin instance will be available at http://localhost:8081 for easy database debugging.

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