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This is a very early version of Swip.js. If the app doesn't respond you might have to reload the browser or restart the server. It works best if you create a separate wireless network to connect multiple devices with your swip.js application


GitHub license built with JavaScript

What if all your mobile devices were a single screen?…

This probably isn’t the most common question to ask yourself. But, just for a second, actually think about it, think about all the possibilities when being able to combine any kind of mobile devices, independent of the operating system… Welcome to swip.js


  • Runs in the browser
    • Completely platform independent
    • Works on every device with a browser
  • Open Source
    • Free
    • Open
    • Community-based
    • Collaborate!
  • A library for you to use with your own project
    • If you have an idea about what to build, do it!
    • Two different examples
    • Endless possibilities

What we built with it



Try it out yourself!

You need node >= 6.x to run swip. To use swip you need to install its dependencies, the dependencies for the demos and build the client library. You can just run the commands below:

npm install webpack -g
npm install
cd examples/golf
npm install
cd ../particles
npm install
cd ../..
npm run build
Run the demos
npm run golf
npm run particles

Who we are

Paul Sonnentag

Passionate developer, studying computer science. At home on the web. Building things with JavaScript, Elm and Clojure.

Tim Großmann

Passionate learner and developer. Studying computer science at the Media University. Looking forward to work with ingenious teams on challenging projects. Creator of InstaPY