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Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests (GOOS) auction sniper worked example in Java And Swing
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Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests (GOOS) is a well known and respected book focusing on the design feedback provided by Test Driving software development. As discussed at [insert link], this is my first attempt at the comprehensive worked example - the Auction Sniper. Whilst the final solution is of interest, perhaps of even more value is reviewing the commit history to see how I journey from an initial failing end to end test to a working solution which communicates to remote servers, presents a Swing UI and does so with low coupling / high cohension.


This, my solution to the Auction Sniper worked example primarily consists of a Java source tree, with dependency and build implemnted using idiomatic Maven. The test and integration-test phases cover the unit testing, and end to end testing requirements of the worked example.

The Auction Sniper solution requires an XMPP server, so I've bundled a Vines instance in the poorly named vagrant submodule, as a Docker container to simplify deployment, and enable Continous Integration on CircleCi


Clone the repo and submodules

git clone
git submodule update --init

Build and run Vines XMPP server using Docker

Build the Vines XMPP server Docker image by

docker build -t 'paulswilliams/vines' vagrant/

Once complete, run the Docker image

docker run -p 5222:5222 -t 'paulswilliams/vines'

If deploying on a Mac with Boot2Docker, in a seperate terminal window, create an ssh tunnel to enable native to Docker VM communication

boot2docker ssh -L 5222:localhost:5222

Obtain certificate from Vines into Java keystore

To enable the Smack XMPP client to communicate with Vines, it is essential to download, and register the Vines TLS certificate with the Auction Sniper code:

docker cp `docker ps | grep paulswilliams/vines | awk '{print $1;}'`:/localhost/conf/certs/localhost.crt certificates/

Import certificate into expected local keystore

keytool -import -alias localhost -file certificates/localhost.crt  -keystore certificates/akeystore.jks 

And select a password

And run the tests!!

mvn integration-test


To remove the worked example from your machine, stop and delete the Vines Docker container, and then delete the git clone.

Stop and Delete the Vines Docker container

Stop the Docker container

docker stop `docker ps | grep paulswilliams/vines | awk '{print $1;}'`

Delete the Docker container

docker rmi 'paulswilliams/vines' 


Smack Api changes

Vines differing handling of multiple connections

Impedance mismatch between Mockito and JMock

Mockito not strict mock...

Key lessons

anonymous classes are okay in the short term. Keep them inline until you understand sufficiently to refactor them out - remember the inline before refactor technique?

Learning is key, not the code. That's why I deleted it all!!

Disable debugging - run tests that fail to show failure is easy to follow

Keeping the tests real simple and lean

Defining variables in unit tests final!

Loose verifications

verify(auction, times(1)).bid(price + increment);
verify(sniperListener, atLeastOnce()).sniperBidding();

However, JMock has default strict mocks, so they're not that loose. Yes, allowances / when / then helps, but enough?

Although didn't fail when introducing show winning functionality

Refactoring not done in a way to allow too many small commits.

The whole JMock allowances / status functionality

The value of a supporting to do list to prevent flow breakage

Avoid primative obsession

Including use of generics on collections where type is a duplication smell.

Actually right the unit tests!

Remember that AuctionSniper bug when you were being lazy?

TDD a feature with just one field, and then expand

Extract a logging class, and test it's invoked!

Struggling to remember a use case for states

Nat advised no longer using WindowLicker

but I'd like to learn more, seem a useful tool to keep in the bag

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