An Ender module for handling swipe gestures on mobile devices
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Ender Poke

A tiny (about 600 bytes minified) Ender module for handling swipe gestures on mobile devices. Currently, the four cardinal directions are supported. To use it, add it to your Ender build (see below for help on that) and do something like this:

    'N-S': function() {
        //do stuff on "north, then south" swipe
    'W': function() {
        //do stuff on "west" swipe
    'S-E-N': function() {
        //do stuff on "south, east, then north" swipe


Poke is an NPM package that requires Ender. If you're not already using Ender, you're missing out; get it now:

$ npm install ender -g

If you're new to Ender, this will get you going:

$ ender build ender-poke

If you're already running Ender, just add it:

$ ender add ender-poke