Implements the Grid plugin from compiz in a way that works with Gnome-Shell
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While I like many of the new features in GNOME Shell, I missed the Grid plugin from Compiz. I liked getting to tile some windows without the overhead of a tiling WM. gnome-shell-grid runs in the background, listening for the following keys:

  • C-M-S-u or C-M-KP_7 -- Top Left corner
  • C-M-S-k or C-M-KP_8 -- Top half
  • C-M-S-i or C-M-KP_9 -- Top Right corner
  • C-M-S-l or C-M-KP_6 -- Right half
  • C-M-S-m or C-M-KP_3 -- Bottom right corner
  • C-M-S-j or C-M-KP_2 -- Bottom half
  • C-M-S-n or C-M-KP_1 -- Bottom left corner
  • C-M-S-h or C-M-KP_4 -- Left half
  • C-M-KP_5 -- Full screen

How to Use



 sudo apt-get install python-xlib python-wnck

Fedora/Red Hat

 sudo yum install gnome-python2-libwnck python-xlib


 git clone git://

Running the daemon

 python gnome-shell-grid/


gnome-shell-grid is released under the GPLv3. You can read the license in the LICENSE.txt file.


I'm Paul Swartz. You can find me on Twitter @paulswartz or on email.

Additional contributions from:

  • Josh England
  • Robert R. Meyer