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Hairy Candy!

hairycandy is a set of metapackages, hacks and overlays to help make my Debian installs a bit more friendly.

It makes use of a few (pretty gnarly) hacks to get some of the work done, so beware some unexpected behavior.

It sets dircolors in bash_completions - which may end up overriding the dircolor import in your bashrc (if it's above the bash_completion include)

It also defines a few aliases:


This package is not fit for the archive, and it's not going there. While I do believe people should trust me, I can't give advice for people to trust me blindly. Please read over all the files contained in this package. If anything's out of sorts, please ask a local and friendly Debian Developer for advice. If there's a problem, a bug or pull request would be nice.

This is also not up to vim policy. I know this.

I also ship a etc/vim/vimrc.local file. Don't install this if you have one already. Remember, this is mostly stuff for my setup.

Building & installing

# OK. Stop. Read me first. Seriously.
# No, really. Read me.
# If you don't know *exactly* who I am, and everything about what I do,
# and all that, DO NOT -- I repeat -- DO NOT install this package. No
# user should *EVER* install random code from outside the archive. This
# breaks the security we all work so hard to create.
# This package also has some *grave* issues (such as how it tacks on some
# of it's hacks) for some cases. Please use me with care.
# Remember, question everything, trust no one. Review the code.
# Seriously, by installing a .deb, you've granted my scripts to run as root.
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b
sudo dpkg -i ../*deb
sudo apt-get install -f


This ships a lot of hacked in aliases from the bash_completion.


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