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Monomoy is a dput'able package store (I use the phrase "package store" since it's not compatable with apt, nor does it aim to be -- if you'd like something that can host an apt repo, check out projects like dak, reprepro, or mini-dinstall, depending on your needs.)

monomoy can hold processed package control files, has a lightweight queue system, and aims to support remote builders accepting jobs based on their registered abilities.

The idea here is to allow someone to dput a package into monomoy, and have a crack-team of builders get to work verifying everything's OK on as much as you can stand.

Monomy uses mongodb as the backend, for reasons I won't get into here.


Monomoy is licensed under the widely used Expat license (which is one of the many MIT family licenses)

I humbly request you be awesome and do awesome things.