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The University of Queensland thesis LaTeX class file

This is a LaTeX class file (and associated style files provided with the package but falling under different copyright agreements) that can be used in the preparation of Honours and PhD theses at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.


The files are distributed as a simple .tar.gz or .zip file. Uncompress this file with your decompression utitlity and you will be presented with a "uqthesis" directory. Within this directory you will find the uqthesis.cls file. This is the main class file that you call from your LaTeX document to use the University of Queensland styles. In this directory are several .sty files. These are provided for convenience and to make sure that the files included have the same functionality as those used in developing the style file. There is also a defs_thesis.tex file which is useful for defining macros to reduce the amount of typing you do in your thesis for certain repetitive commands. The uqthesis.bst file is the style file used for generating the bibliography. This was automatically generated using the makebst program and conforms to the UQ guidelines for bibliographies. You will also find an "example_thesis" directory. Within this directory is an example thesis file and generic structure for the document as a whole. Have a go at typesetting the thesis.tex file therein.

To start your thesis off, copy the "example_thesis" directory to another location, calling it something different ("phdthesis" for example). Then copy the uqthesis.cls file, the .sty files, the defs_thesis.tex file and the uqthesis.bst file into this new directory. You will then be well on your way to having a good looking thesis, typeset in LaTeX. Good luck!