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(ns preprocess.core
(:require [planck.core :refer [slurp spit eval file-seq]]
[clojure.string :refer [replace replace-first ends-with?]]
[cljs.reader :refer [read-string]]))
;; all this code identifies the correct posts and their filenames, which get stored in matching-posts
(def parse-map (comp read-string eval))
(defn extract-map [post] (re-find #"{[\s\S]*}" post)) ; see: -- since this is planck, and hence cljs, it's crippled by javascript.
(defn mathy? [post] (get (parse-map (extract-map post)) :mathy))
(defn math-preprocessed? [post] (get (parse-map (extract-map post)) :math-preprocessed))
(def posts (filter #(ends-with? % ".md")
(mapv :path (file-seq "resources/templates/md/posts/"))))
(defn read-post-with-name [postfilename]
{:text (slurp postfilename) :filename postfilename})
(def posts-text (doall (map read-post-with-name posts)))
(def matching-posts (remove #(math-preprocessed? (:text %)) (filter #(mathy? (:text %)) posts-text)))
;; now fix them
(defn fix-inline-math [post]
{:text (replace (:text post) #"[^$](\$[^$]+?\$)[^$]" " `$1` ") :filename (:filename post)})
(defn fix-block-math [post]
(replace (:text post) #"[^$](\$\$[^$]+?\$\$)[^$]" "\n\n```nohighlight \n $1 \n```\n\n")
:filename (:filename post)})
(defn update-map [post]
(let [{:keys [text filename]} post
postmap (parse-map (extract-map text))
newmap (str (assoc postmap :math-preprocessed true))]
{:text (replace-first text #"{[\s\S]*?}" newmap) :filename filename}))
(defn fix-post [post] (-> post fix-inline-math fix-block-math update-map))
(def corrected-posts (mapv fix-post matching-posts))
;; and then send it back to the filesystem.
(defn save-corrected-file [post] (spit (:filename post) (:text post)))
(doall (map save-corrected-file corrected-posts))
(println "preprocessed the math for you!")