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Script to copy an AWS S3 Bucket to another bucket using many threads in Python
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Script to copy all files (or files with given prefix) from an AWS S3 Bucket in one region to another bucket in a different region using many threads in Python.

Add a file, .s3cfg, to your home directory with the following format (or download s3cmd and run "s3cmd --configure"):

access_key = <your access key here>
secret_key = <your secret key here>

Then run: <source_bucket_name>[/<prefix>] <dest_bucket_name> 

Note, For OSX users, make sure the Python boto package is installed:

sudo easy_install boto
pip install -U boto

When dealing with a very large number of files, you might want to try to use more worker threads: <source_bucket_name>[/<prefix>] <dest_bucket_name> -t 100

Developed by us guys at Showcase Workshop.

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