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A Fluent JSON library for building Knockout view models (or any other JSON object) built on top of JSON.NET.

You can create JSON in a Razor view like this (note the Knockout extension methods):

        .AddProperty("name", "value")
        .AddProperty("childObject", c => {
            .AddProperty("childProperty", "value2")
        .AddObservable("knockoutProperty", 123)

This would produce JSON similar to this:


The Knockout methods are added via extension methods and other things can easily extend as well. There are additional Knockout extensions that allow you to quickly map an entire class on the server to a Knockout ViewModel:

@Knockout.ToViewModel(new { name1 = "value1", name2 = 2 })

Would produce:


You can get the package from the NuGet Gallery:

PM> Install-Package

Please feel free to comment, criticize or log issues on GitHub

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