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This is the data for my site

It's automagically transformed into static HTML by Jekyll whenever I push this repo to GitHub.

I've used a CMS or service for as long as I can remember for my site. For what I need, a CMS is generally too much. Plus I'm tired of backing up databases anytime a software upgrade comes along, etc. I learned about Jekyll, and decided I wanted to do the same thing.

To run local:

  • Fire up terminal
  • Navigate to directory
  • Run gulp to compile SCSS and bundle JS
  • Run gulp transpile to just compile scss
  • Run gulp bundle to just copy JS files from Node plugins to output directory
  • Run bundle exec jekyll serve to run Jekyll compiler/webserver


The following directories and their contents are Copyright Paul Van Tuyl. You may not reuse anything therein without my permission:

  • _posts
  • _assets
  • _work
  • Any of the apple-touch-icon* files
  • favicon.ico

I would be flattered if you wanted to repurpose my theme for your own site. Give me some link back love if you do...


Jekyll source for my personal portfolio and blog.







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