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Utilities and demos of tensorflow machine learning running on Kubernetes.


  1. Run inception using tensorflow serving
  1. Run demo UI to submit an image to inception service
  • Build nodejs-inception-demo docker image (or use mine @

    cd nodejs-inception-demo
    docker build -t myimages/image-classifier-ui .
    cd ..
  • Deploy on Kubernetes.

    kubectl apply -f nodejs-inception-demo/inception_ui_k8s.yaml
  • Depending on your Kubernetes environment, optionally expose the UI service or create an ingress for it. Note: the code is written to run on a /inception path prefix to allow use with path based routing in loadbalancers. Path tested with Traefik.

    for example:
    kubectl apply -f nodejs-inception-demo/inception_ui_k8s_ingress.yaml


Created and maintained by Paul Welch


MIT Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.

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