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A Terraform module for creating an Etcd v3 cluster on OpenStack (neutron)

The Etcd cluster will have cluster_size number of instances with the ssh keypair applied. Assumes security_group_ids allow ports required by Etcd. Tested with CoreOS Container-Linux.

Input Variables

  • os_auth_url - OpenStack API auth url
  • public_key_file - Path to ssh public key file
  • cluster_size - Number of instances to start for cluster
  • region - ID of the OpenStack Region
  • image_name - Name of the OpenStack Image for instances
  • flavor_name - Name of the OpenStack Flavor for instances
  • ssh_key_pair_name - Name of ssh keypair to create in OpenStack
  • security_group_ids - ID of OpenStack security group
  • network_id - ID of OpenStack network
  • env_name_prefix - A unique prefix to keep clusters separate


  • etcd_endpoints - List of IP addresses of Etcd cluster instances


module "etcd" {
  source = ""

  os_auth_url  = ""
  public_key_file  = "~/.ssh/"
  cluster_size = "3"
  region  = "myregion"
  image_name  = "Container-Linux"
  flavor_name  = "m1.medium"
  ssh_key_pair_name  = "dev-key"
  security_group_ids  = [ "12312312-1231-1231-1231-123123123123" ]
  network_id  = "12312312-1231-1231-1231-123123123123123"
  env_name_prefix  = "dev"


Created and maintained by Paul Welch


MIT Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.

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