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Git Changelog Jenkins Plugin

For issues, please use the official jenkins fork repository:

Jenkins plugin to extract a changelog out of commit messages between two GIT revisions. This changelog can be postprocessed and converted to either an human readable git changelog listing all commits, or a JIRA filter URL. It implements basically the features of git-changelog.


You can use this plugin either as a post-build action which will produce a file containing the jira filter and some informative lines, or you can use it providing replacement text for the Token Macro Plugin, to send emails, for example.

Using a Post-build Action

The following documentation explains to set up the JIRA Filter post-build action. Using the basic changelog post-build action is even easier, as it does not need any further configuration.

On any jenkins project using Git as Source Code Management, add "Publish JIRA Filter" Post-build Action. A form with a few input fields appears where you can configure the behaviour. Just below the input fields their meaning and default behaviour is explained.

If you leave the file input empty, the information will be logged into the jenkins console.

If you specify a filename, you can use other plugins like HTML Publisher Plugin to save the files as jenkins report.

Using as Token Macro Replacement Provider

Having installed the Token Macro Plugin plugin (which will be the case, as it is a dependency of this plugin), following macros for replacement are provided: GITCHANGELOGJIRA and GITCHANGELOG.

If you use these macros in any plugin supporting token macro replacements, this will be replaced with either the Jira URL or the changelog.

The Email-ext plugin supports token macros, so you can include this URL in an automatically sent email.


This plugin can be built and started with maven and Jenkins' hpi plugin:

mvn clean install

The run scripts opens a debug port on 8000.

The functionality is implemented in git-changelog. Pull requests are welcome!


Jenkins plugin creating automatically the JIRA filter URL based on the tickets found in the git log




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