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A java based alternative to tools like StyleDocco, documentCSS, KSS Stylesheets or Devbridge's Styleguide, but without the (mostly node.js, npm and Ruby or even Ruby Dev Kit related) dependencies those tools bring with it. In addition, style-code does not focus on CSS code (or SCSS/SASS/Less) but markdown.

This makes this tool suitable for a highly automated and platform independent environment (means: runs even on windows, if you really want to, without any installation issues, just a JVM is required) and usable as well for legacy project with an already existing CSS hell: the documentation is not written into the productive CSS files, but into a completely separate markdown file.

Another use case might be tutorials or documentation with examples for HTML, CSS and JavaScript related technologies.


Gradle project

Of course, you can use this application via command line. The recommended way of usage is by setting up a gradle project using the StyleCode Gradle Plugin, though. See this demo project as an implementation reference.

Command line

You can get the latest distribution release Github's releases page.

unzip stylecode*.zip

This will output the help:

Option must have a value: ARGUMENTS
Usage: [options] ARGUMENTS
        [--additional-resources value...] : Any other resources which should be included additionally. If you don't have an URL to fetch the resources from you can give the resources here.
        [--exclude value...] : Resources found in the HTML of the URL given in --resources-from which should not be included (String.contains() is used here):
        [--include-inline-scripts] : Wether to include inline JavaScripts found in the HTML of the URL given in --resources-from.
        [--out value] : Directory the output should be written to.
        [--resources-from value] : URL to fetch resources (CSS, JS) from.
        [--iframe-template value] : Mustache template file to use for embedded iframes with HTML demos. If you still want resources (<script...>, <style>, <link rel=stylesheet...>) to be included, use {{headerresources}} for resources included in HTML header and {{bodyresources}} for resources included in the HTML body.
        [--index-template value] : Mustache template file to use for the resulting index.html.

Example usage:

./build/install/stylecode/bin/stylecode --resources-from= --out=./out/ src/test/resources/markdown/

You can then open ./out/index.html with any browser.

Building from source

Building the library jar

You may want to add the install task, if you want the artifact deployed in your local maven repository, if not, skip it.

./gradlew clean build install

Building the command line app

./gradlew clean installDist

Deploying to bintray

./gradlew bintrayUpload -PpublishUser=<USER> -PpublishKey=<KEY>


A java based styleguide generator for platform independent, automated build environments



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