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This script attempts to document your entire Configuration Manager (SCCM) environment
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This is a nearly full rewrite of the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) documentation script so kindly shared with everyone by David O'Brien (@davidobrien1985, Twitter:@david_obrien).

I am attempting to document most everything in Current Branch.

The requirement for Microsoft Word has been dropped in favor of a pure formatted HTML output.

Please submit issues if you find a bug or have ideas on additional data that should be collected.

Note: This has not been tested against an environment with a CAS or secondary sites. But, most of us should not be running a CAS or secondary site in the age of Current Branch.

My updated script contains pretty much everything collected from the original. Below is a summary of what’s New:

  • Removed dependence on Microsoft Word.
  • Formatted HTML output.
  • Updated to work with Current Branch (1710+).
  • Collects everything for Software Updates (ADRS, Config, Packages, Groups)!!
  • Collects important Info for SQL database.
  • Collects Site features and servicing history.
  • Collect Default Boundary Group settings.
  • Extended to include configuration of all the new Client Settings.
  • Collects additional Collection information.
  • Summarizes Collections with maintenance windows.
  • Summary of all the different Compliance settings (Conditional Access, Company resources, etc).
  • Updated Endpoint Protection Profile info.
  • MUCH more detail on Applications.
  • Added OSD Related Items (Installers, Images, Upgrade Packages)
  • Lists Task Sequence steps.
  • Summary or detailed options.
  • CM Scripts

Script Usage Examples


This will document everything with just the summary information of each component:


This will document everything with detailed information. Will make a very large file!
DocumentCMCB.ps1 -ListAllInformation -CompanyName "Acme Inc."


This will document everything with detailed information. It will also embed a custom logo from the provided URL into the cover page.
DocumentCMCB.ps1 -CompanyName "Acme Inc." -CompanyLogo '' -ListAllInformation


This will document everything with summary information, a custom logo, and a custom Author and Vendor.
DocumentCMCB.ps1 -CompanyName "Contoso" -CompanyLogo '' -Author "Bugs Bunny" -Vendor "Acme"


This will document everything with detailed information, a local custom logo, and a custom Author and Vendor. This will also mask user accounts and add a date/time to the output file name. This is a good option for automation of this script.

DocumentCMCB.ps1 -ListAllInformation -CompanyName "Acme Inc." -CompanyLogo 'C:\Temp\logo.jpg' -Author "Bugs Bunny" -Vendor "Acme" -AddDateTime -MaskAccounts

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