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Python Editor for CG Applications
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Multi Script Editor v2.0.4

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This is a cross application, cross platform and open source Python editor, which can be run as a standalone application or embedded in another application. The main purpose for integration - the ability to script in Python.

Key features

  • Preserve and load of tabs and code in them
  • Interactive execute of the selected code by pressing Ctrl + Enter
  • Adjust the color theme of the code editor
  • Code completion (module jedi)
  • Context completion for different functions like existing nodes and path in scene

Existing integration modules

  • Houdini 13-17
  • Nuke 8-10
  • Maya 2014-2017
  • 3DsMax 2014-2017

RV Integration in nebukadhezer branch

If necessary, you can extend this to make your own integration module. The main pre condition - Should be used Python2.7.

Houdini features

  • Code completion for all modules and return types (remastered hou library)
  • Context completion for functions CreateNode, CreateInputNode and CreateOutputNode with existing houdini node types
  • Context completion string for absolute houdini internal path and node parameters. To use this complete start string with "/ or '/
  • Drag&Drop Houdini nodes and parameters fills in their path. Use Alt modifier to wrap node or parameter as code like in Houdini Python Shell.
  • Reading and writing to PythonSOP code and asset sections

Nuke features

  • Code completion for all modules and return types (remastered nuke library)
  • Context completion for createNode with existing Nuke node types
  • Context completion for function toNode with existing nodes in current script
  • Converting selected nodes to code with function nuke.toNode
  • Searching and converting nodes to code from clipboard
  • Reading and writing from PythonKnobs code

Maya features

  • Save code to shelf and accept dropped shelf button code, like default Maya script editor
  • Drag&Drop Maya nodes fills in their names. Use Alt modifier to wrap node as code. Import PyMEL before doing this!
  • Context completion for function PyNode with existing nodes in current scene
  • Context completion for function pm.createNode and cmds.createNode with existing Maya node types

3DsMax features

  • Works for now...

How to install

Standalone Houdini install Maya install Nuke install 3DsMax install

You can use single module installation for each case. Just extract module multi_script_editor to somewhere (no spaces and non ascii characters in path) and add this path to PYTHONPATH before start your app.

For example:

Extract to '/home/username/myscripts/multi_script_editor'

Add this path to PYTHONPATH environment variable


set PYTHONPATH=c:/users/username/myscripts


export PYTHONPATH=/home/username/myscripts


os.environ['PYTHONPATH'] = '/home/username/myscripts'

Do this for each app.


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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