A Java iSCSI Framework
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jSCSI - A Java iSCSI Framework

jSCSI is a feature-complete iSCSI implementation in Java only. Platform-independent and fast, jSCSI represents a premium example how low-level protocols can be pushed to higher levels. jSCSI consists out of a target-implementation mapping to a File and an initiator.


README this readme file LICENSE license file parent parent pom with global settings bundles bundles scripts bash scripts for syncing against disy-internal repo. pom.xml Simple pom (yes we do use Maven)


This work is released in the public domain under the BSD 3-clause license

Further information

The project is currently under refactoring, the documentation will be under http://jscsi.org (pointing to http://disy.github.com/jscsi/) and a mailinglist has been set up: https://mailman.uni-konstanz.de/mailman/listinfo/jscsi

The framework was presented at the Jazoon '07 as work in progress: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn🇩🇪bsz:352-opus-84424

A TechReport describes the second iteration of the framework: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn🇩🇪bsz:352-opus-84511

The following thesis' were concluded:

Any questions, just contact sebastian.graf AT uni-konstanz.de

Involved People

jSCSI is maintained by:

  • Sebastian Graf (Intiator & Current Project Lead)

Former people include:

  • Andreas Ergenzinger (jSCSI 2.0, target)
  • Patrice Brend'amour (jSCSI 2.0, initiator)
  • Marc Kramis (Project Lead until 2007)
  • Bastian Lemke (Storage Pool)
  • Volker Wildi (jSCSI 1.0, initiator)