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WikiNEXT - online version with information about WikiNEXT API and a lot examples with, Freebase etc.

JavaScript Semantic Application Wiki

Wiki has 2 node.js applications

  • app.js (main wiki application)
  • share.js (Share.JS library that give the possibility to edit the pages in real-time due to OT

How to run

npm install

Wiki uses config.settings file, it must be in root with syntax below

config = {
    port : 8000,
    port_sharejs : 8001,
    host_uri : "http://localhost:8000",
    host_sync_uri: "http://localhost:8001",
    mongo_uri : 'mongodb://localhost:27017/wikinext',
    logger_file: "wikinext.debug.log",
    cookie_domain : '',

    FACEBOOK : {
        APP_ID : '123424751113889',
        SECRET : '3e6c2e988523337dfa501e661f553e89'

The facebook application's key below from mine application, you can use them to test localy. You need to create your own facebool application, if you want to use wiki with other domain name.