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CAN extension board for Electro-Permanent cargo gripper OpenGrab.
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OGCAN - CAN bus interface for OpenGrab EPM

CAN bus interface for OpenGrab - electro-permanent cargo holding magnet.

Based on UAVCAN - CAN bus for UAV.

UAVCAN interface

Supported standard data structures (data structs that are mandatory for any UAVCAN node are not listed):

  • Configuration: uavcan.protocol.param.*
  • Magnet control:*

OGCAN publishes state of the EPM once a second using

EPM can be controlled using

Default config:

  • CAN bitrate: 1 Mbps.
  • UAVCAN Node ID: 1.

Getting Hardware

Grab your OGCAN hardware here:

Schematics and Gerber files are available in this repository; hardware design files are available upon request.

Building Firmware

Prebuilt binary for the latest stable version is available in firmware/prebuilt/*.bin.

The firmware can be built with Embedded ARM GCC or any other GCC-based ARM toolchain.

git submodule update --init --recursive
cd firmware

# Flash. The following helper scripts are available:
# ./zubax_chibios/tools/       # ST-Link v2
# ./zubax_chibios/tools/   # Black Magic Debug Probe