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Juniper FastNetMon plug-in


Connects to a Juniper router and adds or removes a blackhole rule for an attack by IP address.

The actions can be modified such as adding a firewall rule.

This script uses the Juniper NETCONF PHP API. More information about this can be found at the following URL:



You must have a user and netconf enabled on your Juniper

to enable netconf go to your cli and type:

user@host> configure
user@host# set netconf ssh

if you wish to change netconf port instead of

user@host# set netconf ssh


user@host# set netconf ssh port <number>

Install php to your server:

sudo apt-get install php-cli php


  1. Configure the router in the fastnetmon_juniper.php file
$cfg['hostname'] = ""; // Juniper IP
$cfg['port'] = 880; //NETCONF Port 
$cfg['username'] = "user"; //user
$cfg['password'] = "password"; //pass
  1. Change the with the new to run the PHP script

This is the first buggy version, you are welcome to add more features.

  1. Set executable bit sudo chmod +x /etc/fastnetmon/scripts/

  2. For FastNetMon Advanced, please disable details:

sudo fcli set main notify_script_pass_details disable
sudo fcli commit


v1.0 - 5 Dec 18 - Initial version

Author: Christian David

Based on Mikrotik Plugin by Maximiliano Dobladez

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