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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import json
from optparse import OptionParser
import requests
from logger import logger
class CouchbaseClient(object):
"""Minimal Couchbase client
def __init__(self, host_port, bucket, username, password):
self.base_url = 'http://{0}'.format(host_port)
self.bucket = bucket
self.auth = (username, password)
def safe_get(self, url):
return requests.get(url=url, auth=self.auth).json()
except (ValueError, requests.exceptions.ConnectionError) as e:
return {}
def list_of_nodes(self):
url = self.base_url + '/pools/default/'
data = self.safe_get(url=url)
if data:
for node in data['nodes']:
hostname, port = node['hostname'].split(':')
if port == '8091':
yield hostname + ':8092'
yield hostname + ':9500'
elif data is None:
sys.exit('Node has no buckets/misconfigured')
sys.exit('Cannot establish connection with specified [host:port] '
def list_of_ddocs(self):
url = self.base_url + \
data = self.safe_get(url=url)
if data:
for row in data['rows']:
yield row['doc']['meta']['id']
elif data is None:
sys.exit('Wrong bucket name')
def set_view_params(self):
for node in self.list_of_nodes():
for ddoc in self.list_of_ddocs():
url = 'http://{0}'.format(node) + \
'/_set_view/{0}/{1}/'.format(self.bucket, ddoc)
yield node, ddoc, url
def get_btree_stats(self):
for node, ddoc, url in self.set_view_params():
url += '_btree_stats'
data = self.safe_get(url)
if data:
yield node, ddoc, data
def get_utilization_stats(self):
for node, ddoc, url in self.set_view_params():
url += '_get_utilization_stats'
data = self.safe_get(url)
if data:
yield node, ddoc, data
def reset_utilization_stats(self):
for _, _, url in self.set_view_params():
url += '_reset_utilization_stats', auth=self.auth)
class CliArgs(object):
"""CLI options and args handler
def __init__(self):
usage = 'usage: %prog -n node:port [-b bucket] -c command \n\n' +\
'Example: %prog -n ' +\
'-u Administrator -p password -b default -c btree_stats'
parser = OptionParser(usage)
parser.add_option('-n', dest='host_port',
help='Node address', metavar='')
parser.add_option('-u', dest='username',
help='REST username', metavar='Administrator')
parser.add_option('-p', dest='password',
help='REST password', metavar='password')
parser.add_option('-b', dest='bucket', default='default',
help='Bucket name', metavar='default')
parser.add_option('-c', dest='command',
help='Stats command', metavar='command')
self.options, self.args = parser.parse_args()
def validate_options(self, parser):
if not self.options.host_port:
parser.error('Missing node address [-n]')
if not self.options.command:
parser.error('Missing command [-c]')
if self.options.command not in ('btree_stats', 'util_stats', 'reset'):
parser.error('Only "btree_stats", "util_stats" and "reset" '
'commands supported')
class StatsReporter(object):
"""Save all stats in *.json files
def __init__(self, cb):
self.cb = cb
def report_stats(self, stats_type):
if stats_type == 'btree_stats':
stats_generator = self.cb.get_btree_stats
stats_generator = self.cb.get_utilization_stats
for node, ddoc, stat in stats_generator():
filename = '{0}_{1}{2}.json'.format(stats_type,
node.replace(':', '_'),
ddoc.replace('/', '_'))
with open(filename, 'w') as fh:'Saving {0} stats to: {1}'.format(stats_type,
fh.write(json.dumps(stat, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
def main():
ca = CliArgs()
cb = CouchbaseClient(ca.options.host_port, ca.options.bucket,
ca.options.username, ca.options.password)
reporter = StatsReporter(cb)
if ca.options.command in ('btree_stats', 'util_stats'):
elif ca.options.command == 'reset':
if __name__ == '__main__':