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birGit / birgit / Birgit / b

Git helper

This amazing software was presented at FSCONS 2015

"Groundbreaking User Experiences" - FSCONS 2015

to list commands just write ./birgit

to run a command write ./birgit [command]

to add a command put a file in birgit_ folder

add birgit to your path in your .bashrc or .zhrc or where you want. i also recomend to use alias b


birGit / birgit / Birgit / b

birGit is a git tool that allows you to easily use the power of the command line together with git. This software's main focus is to reduce (multiline) long git commands to simple commands.


  • provides git commands that without birgit are too complex to use.
  • has an amazing easy to expand file/folder code structure
  • returns results with atomic rows.
  • is written in bash.
  • is your source of power


This talk will introduce you to birGit.

How to:

  • use birGit
  • know birGit
  • expand birGit
  • send birGit patches to the main project.
  • how birGit was made with opensource in mind.

use birGit - installation

git clone ~/opt/birGit && echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/opt/birGit/' >> ~/.profile && echo "alias b=birgit" >> ~/.profile

use birGit


list all commands in birgit

use birGit - log

b log

displays the git log in a nice way

use birgit - root

b root

path to git root

use birgit - rebase

b rebase

rebase your work on origin/master

use birgit - amend

b amend <commitish>

some code is under development... this one jumps back to a previous commit, and amends it.

know birgit

executable files in a folder

cat ~/bin/birGit/birgit

some code is just perfect

know birgit - design choices

  1. birgit reports should return results that are easy to pipe
  2. birgit should produce the same result independently of where within your repository you are standing
  3. birgit should be like your firm but kind grandmother

know birgit - log

cat ~/bin/birGit/birgit_/log

A simple example

know birgit - ammend

cat ~/bin/birGit/birgit_/amend

A complex example

expand birGit - clone


cd ~/bin
rm -r birGit
git clone

use your repo

expand birGit - pullRequest

git commit . "Sane description of change"
git push

pull request


  • your own scripts..
  • git alias
  • shell alias

more time = more code