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📐 Custom Layouts Plugin

This plugin is a framework for custom Discourse layouts. Currently, its primary use case is adding sidebars to Discourse.

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🔗 Info & Links

Title Link
#️⃣ Version 0.2
📄 Documentation Read the Docs
How to Install Installation Guide
🐛 Found a bug? Submit a bug report
Have an idea? Submit a feature request
📰 Discourse Topic Read Topic

⚙️ Official Widgets

Since the plugin is a "Framework" for layouts, you will need to install widgets to show in the sidebars. Below is a list of official widgets released by the Pavilion Team:

Widget Description
⠇ Category List Display a list of categories in the sidebar (usually used as a form of navigation)
🧑‍💻 Custom HTML Display custom HTML in a sidebar by entering HTML in the theme settings.
📅 Event List Display an agenda list of events from the Discourse Calendar Plugin
👨 Profile Widget Display the information about the current user.
🗞 Topic List Display topic list(s) in a sidebar both vertically and/or horizontally
🗺 Map Widget Display a map widget from the Locations Plugin

Interested in creating your own widget? See the widget development guide.


A Discourse plugin that allows you to create custom layouts.